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Starting a cleaning service is not as easy as you might think. It’s not just about knowing how to clean something properly; it’s also about focusing on one aspect of cleaning and being the best in that field.

A cleaning service can be for clothes, buildings, or pets. It can also be for cars, parks, or valuable items. Almost everything in this world can be cleaned, and there are different services made specifically for each. That’s why it’s important to focus on just one or two related fields.

Nobody will want their clothes washed in a place that also grooms pets. Besides the fact that animal fur can get into clothes, laundry and grooming animals are two very different tasks that require very different skills.

To give you an idea of how you can specialize in one field, here are a few cleaning business ideas and a general description of what they normally do:

Pool Cleaning

A pool cleaning service normally has clients in both residential and commercial areas. They are experts in removing muck and grime build-up in rarely used pools and can solve basic water filtration problems.

Pool cleaners also know when to test the chemical levels in your pool or add certain chemicals to prevent harmful bacteria growth. They use tools such as pressure washers and vacuums to ensure that your pool is free of slime and dirt. That’s something that the usual brush and soap can’t get rid of easily.

If you decide to open a pool-cleaning business, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the best practices in that field and offer competitive prices to your customers. Learning how to properly clean pools will also make you realize that there is more to the job than just fishing fallen leaves from the surface.

Apartment Cleaning

Apartment cleaners are usually an all-around service that can cover everything from the bedroom to the kitchen. They are hired by residential owners who are too busy to be able to clean their apartments themselves. Or by people who are incapable of cleaning the right way but can pay good money to those who do.

Opening a business with this niche can also lead you to more focused specializations, like becoming a termination of lease carpet service. If you do, your clients will be people who are moving out of their current homes. These tenants require the help of carpet cleaners to remove dust mites or foul odors because doing so lessens the possibility of losing their deposits.

And because you will be dealing with private spaces, you will need to establish credibility and trust with your clients. Besides knowing good cleaning habits, you will have to show respect for their items and avoid damaging their belongings.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Worker cleaning the office floor

Establishing a commercial cleaning business is similar to what house cleaners do, except the area to be cleaned is much bigger and prone to dirt. This is because commercial buildings or spaces are open to the public. Therefore, it needs to be cleaned more often.

Having a commercial cleaning service will also require you to have more manpower because the ground to be covered is bigger than apartments. If you decide to open a business specializing in this, you would need to know how to clean offices, big windows, communal bathrooms, and cafeterias.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services

A cleaning business can also be in the form of a laundry shop or a dry cleaning service. Professional launders are capable of properly washing anything from t-shirts, curtains, or fur. They can also easily switch from technique to technique because different cloth materials require different cleaning skills.

Having a laundry and dry cleaning business is so much more than just loading clothes into washing machines. It requires attention to detail and the ability to carry out the task without damaging the items. A business with this specialty can easily get regular customers, especially if they continue to deliver good service.

Car Washing Services

Running a car wash is a tried and tested service that will never run out of potential customers because vehicles need to be cleaned. It’s also a good business venture for car enthusiasts with a knack for cleaning.

Having a car washing service means that you know how to clean a car’s interior and exterior parts properly. You will also need to learn the differences between soap solutions and car polishes. And finally, you’ll need to know how to clean vehicles without damaging any of their aspects.

A cleaning business can easily thrive no matter the circumstance because all things require maintenance, but not everyone has the capacity to maintain them. You need to focus on your first business specialization and then expand to other niches as you grow in the industry.

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