Getting Your Fair Share of the Millennial Market

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Marketing is about effective communication. And in any book, you’ll find that no matter your gift of tongue and even if you can speak a hundred languages if you don’t speak the language of your listener then all come to naught. You’re actually running in circles. This is exactly why marketing to millennials is vital to business.

Simply put, there are more millennials in America than any other age group on the planet.  Bureau of Census population estimate dated July 1, 2019, shows digital natives have overtaken Baby Boomers as the largest generation of living adults. To date, there were 72.1 million Millenials (aged 23 to 38 way back in 2019) more than the number of Baby Boomers (55 to 73) and Generation X (39 to 54) respectively.

Even better, millennials are taking the lead as to marketing trends. So much, online videos have become a trend even for other generations. As Forbes detail Millenial Marketing is changing the way we do business in the future, especially true if your B2B.

So the million-dollar question is how do you position yourself to take your fair share of this millennial market? Before you scratch your head, know there are tried-and-tested ways to effectively market to these digital natives. Making the most of these methods should help put you in front of the competition.

Content is King

Well, this notion that content is king has become a household word over time. And examining its merits should bid you well if you’re to expect to move the needle of your marketing strategy.

One key characteristic of Millenials is they are tech-savvy. Born when the internet ruled the world, these digital natives don’t respond well to traditional advertising. Take note that you can see the graph of the rise of tech companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and the likes and you’ll see their growth is synchronous to millennial’s existence.

Thus, to be able to convey your marketing message well you need to be in the space where they are: online. And this is exactly the reason why content marketing is key. Millennials, as information-centric as they are, want to see how authentic is your message. Your inbound marketing, therefore, should aim to produce high-quality content that appeals to the digital audience.

Of course, you need not be wading in these new waters alone. Asking for help from a reputable digital marketing agency should be wise in this regard. Not only do they have the expertise to give you the content you need, but also they can formulate search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to get your brand on the first pages of online searches.

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Customer Reviews Matter

It’s important that you do your own diligence to plot your digital strategy to convert Millenials to your camp. What many marketers realize is direct marketing where you market your brand directly to consumers may not be as effective today when it comes to millennials.

Bear in mind that these digital natives are privy to trusted information. As smart devices proliferate, their ability to access golden info about your brand is unprecedented. Think about it. As powerful as Google is, people all over the world are clocking in as many as 3.5 billion searches in just one day.  Chances are, your brand could be one of those being searched as we speak.

It’s why online reviews can be a potent tool to put your brand on a pedestal. Hubspot details 7 % of consumers took the time to read online reviews before buying.

Good reviews on Yelp and other customer review sites should get you going.

Be Mobile Friendly

The story of how Zoom became the king of videoconferencing during the pandemic puts being mobile-friendly is essential to your website strategy. Long before the Erik Yuan-founded app became the pandemic’s most sought-after communication tool, other communication giants hogged the limelight. There was Skype and even Facebook Messenger have a video conferencing option.

But what really put Zoom on the map is the ease of use via mobile. You really say the same for Microsoft’s Skype, a Goliath that has been virtually overcome by Zoom’s exuberant entry. Moreover, the options you have when using Zoom are so user-friendly when talking with everyone else, it’s but natural you use it at a time when social distancing is the norm.

Get Social

Now we can emphasize being mobile but with that, we must also know what mobile apps are taking up most of the consumer time. And the truth of the matter is we have social media on top of the list: Tiktok, Facebook, Zoom, and Instagram to name a few.

Now that you know how millennials operate, making your brand shine in their minds shouldn’t be much of an uphill climb. Rather, it should be a breeze.

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