How to Convince Homebuyers to Invest in Real Estate Amid the Pandemic

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For the most part, people are becoming more conservative with their investments these days. The uncertainty of the future is making people save as much cash as they can. Not knowing what’s going to happen to you tomorrow will make people think twice about applying for a home loan. Whether it’s a second home or your first home, many people think this is not the best time to invest in real property. Or, is it?

Approaching potential clients amid the pandemic is a different experience. Are they ready for a huge commitment? Are they even thinking of a house and lot investment? Economic growth has come to a standstill because of the pandemic. People lost their jobs. Businesses closed. There’s huge uncertainty in the market right now because of lockdowns, social distancing, restrictions in movements, and many other disruptions.

But that should not mean you cannot sell real estate to potential homebuyers. How can you convince your market that this is the best time for them to buy? How can you reach out to them if you are not allowed to meet personally? With personal connections virtually lost, real estate companies and agents will be challenged more than ever.

Lower Interest Rates

The first thing that homebuyers want to know is the interest rate of the banks for their mortgage. Banks are offering low interest rates these days. That’s a selling point. Make sure to highlight this fact when you propose to a client. The fact that they could be paying less every month for the next 15 years or so will attract potential homebuyers. Even those who are not exactly looking for an investment now might be attracted enough to apply for a home loan.

Real Estate Will Only Grow

Although the market is shaky right now, real estate will grow as long as you can hold on to it. Even during the housing crisis, those who were able to hold on to their properties eventually recuperated what they have lost in value previously. If your clients are in a good financial position, this might be the best time for them to buy a house and lot. Of course, that’s provided that your offer comes with irresistible perks.

Make Use of Online Property Portals

To generate more leads, you have to sign up with online property portals. Potential homebuyers will usually visit these portals to check the available properties in the market. When you sign up for these portals, make sure to give as many details as you can about the property. Details that homebuyers want to know are the size of the property, the landmarks near the property, and the possible developments in the area.

Use New Marketing Methods

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Traditional marketing methods will not work today because you cannot meet clients or tour them around the house. Invest in new ways to reach out to your clients. You can use social media, as well as marketing videos. You can produce a virtual tour of the home. Do you know that many real estate agents have closed deals using virtual tours? Homebuyers are well-aware of the restrictions today, so they make do with a virtual tour of the property they are eyeing to buy.

Video-call Your Clients for Personal Touch

While you cannot meet clients face to face, you can use technology to add a personal touch to the negotiations. Don’t be contented with a phone call and email. Schedule a video call so you can make a formal proposal to them. These platforms are used by big and small companies for their formal meetings. There is no reason why you shouldn’t use the same method to reach out to your clients. Through the video call, you can even “tour” potential homebuyers around the property.

Highlight the Benefits of Investing Right Now

People don’t want to part with their head-earned money, and that’s understandable. The past year has been so overwhelmingly uncertain that people just want to make sure they have extra cash when they need it. However, you need to be aggressive with marketing real estate. One of the ways you can do that is by highlighting the benefits of property investments right now. You have to talk with your clients about the low-interest rates, refundable booking amount, better-negotiated deals, customizable offers, and the benefits of real estate assets over renting.

Finding an interested client is difficult now. You have to be considerate when trying to reach out to them. You need a better grasp of the market situation and find ways to make things better for your clients.

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