Common Signs of Frozen Pipes

Frozen Pipes

It is a little too obvious that seasons happen year in year out, even while climate change affects the length of each. And while many people prepare for the different seasons of the year, winter remains the one season that people make most preparations for. Many homeowners ensure that they keep their home warm. But one of the neglected systems in a house when people make these winter preparations is the plumbing. Since the plumbing system handles water, both clean and wastewater, it is highly likely to suffer damage when the water freezes.

And frozen pipes are not anything you want to fix by yourself. Contact plumbing companies in Woodbridge to know how they can help you deal with this plumbing problem. But how will you know that your pipes are beginning to freeze? Here are some of the signs that you should check:

Frost on the pipes

Some parts of your plumbing system, especially in the bathroom, garage, basement, and kitchen, are often exposed. Therefore, they are quite easy for anyone to inspect. Any sign of frost on the pipes is proof that temperatures are dropping fast and that the water in your property’s plumbing system might end up frozen. Inspect your pipes regularly for any sign of frost formation. Once you are sure that it is frost, start making the necessary arrangements to prevent your pipes from freezing. That includes calling a professional plumber to install appropriate insulation and prevent further frost formation.

No water from your pipes

Frozen Pipes, filled with ice

The absence of water in taps is usually the first sign that people notice when temperatures drop during the cold season. Unless you have disconnected the water supply to your home or there is no water in your region, you should be worried when you do not have enough amount of water. In such instances, one of the common culprits is frozen water in the water inlets to your property. Once you discover that you have no water in your taps, call a plumber to inspect the water inlet pipes and prevent burst pipes.

Smelly sinks

Have you noticed a strange odor from your sinks? Besides signifying clogs from food deposits in the sink, stinky drains are a huge sign of the presence of frozen water in your pipes. If ice is the cause of blockage in your tubes, you can only eliminate the odor by melting the frozen water. Professional plumbers have the necessary equipment and follow the right procedures to guarantee safe drain unclogging.

The pipes in your plumbing system are prone to freezing during the winter season and whenever else temperatures drop extremely low. Frozen pipes can eventually burst and cause severe damage to your system. You do not want any of that to happen. It is costlier to fix burst pipes than a frozen plumbing system. When you notice any of the signs that your tubes are about to freeze, contact reputable plumbing companies in Woodbridge. The plumbing specialists will also offer you guidance on how to further protect your system in such situations.

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