Clever Ways to Increase Foot Traffic to Your Store

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Competition in the business industry is stiff. Brick-and-mortar stores suffer a bit with the ease of online shopping. But there are still many advantages to having a physical store. The question is, how do you make your store stand out? In a commercial district, how can you increase foot traffic and attract customers? Here is a rundown of simple yet effective strategies:

Make Your Store Visible

If you are among the many buildings lined up in a district, people might walk past your store. Have a professional and creative outdoor sign maker change this fate. Investing in a catchy sign will increase your chances of getting noticed. Of course, your store’s name should be easy to remember.

Having a good color scheme for the exterior of your store is also an excellent way to make your store pop out. This does not mean bright lest it becomes an eyesore. But knowing what colors work best together will make a huge difference.

Present Your Merchandise Well

Your window display should present your business at a glance. It is essential to put the personality and quality of your merchandise in that window. Have a theme that is timely and will work for your products. Create a story and not just a display. For example, an apparel store can have a miniature playground scene. Children play with snow while bundled up with the store’s products. Such visual merchandising skills help attract people to come in.

Also, make sure always to restock your products. Have people get excited about new things to browse in your store. But balance this strategy. You would not want to be enthusiastic about getting new products at short intervals. You might disappoint customers who are returning for an item and find it unavailable. For such cases, make sure that you have a better option to offer.

Invest in Your Staff

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Your staff can be great magnets for customers. Potential customers feel discouraged if they see your staff chatting with another. It will also have the same effect when they stare at ceilings looking bored. People will not feel comfortable walking in. They need to see the staff doing something productive, like rearranging some stock. It will feel like an invitation to browse through. A warm smile is also a great way to know that customers are very much welcome. Also, make sure that your staff looks presentable. You can have promotional shirts as their uniforms.

Once inside, their store experience will determine if there will be a repeat visit. Thus, train your staff on how to give excellent customer service. Balance giving people the freedom to choose and being attentive to queries. Also, have them trained on how to be professional even in the face of a demanding customer. You might even win this particular customer because of the impeccable service.

Have Smart Promotions

People love getting good deals out of their money. Discounts and promotions are strategies that still work. Use some of your smaller products or services as a part of what people will get if they avail of another product. For example, in a restaurant, you can have a discounted drink for every sandwich purchase. You can also have free cleaning for items purchased in your jewelry store. These seem like small things. But, customers appreciate these offers.

The competition will always be present. Have an edge by having something that customers will always be glad to return to. Marketing strategies do not need to be expensive. They only need to be smart.

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