A Business for a Better Future: Why It is a Great Idea to Start a Clean Energy Business Now

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The consequences of climate change are no longer part of a distant future. They are happening right now all over the world.

The United States is seeing stronger and more frequent hurricanes, wildfires that last for weeks if not months and cover large areas, increased heat and drought, disease outbreaks that affect the food supply, and so much more. This will not be the extent of the problem.

Every year that the global emissions of greenhouse gases is not reduced, the average global temperature will continue to rise. As a result, populations can expect different types of extreme weather events that will lead to deaths, displacement, and worsening poverty.

However, here is a bit of good news. More people are aware of the impact of climate change and how their actions every day contribute to the destruction of the planet. More people, therefore, are making lifestyle changes that prioritizes the environment over convenience and cost.

Switching Toward Renewable Energy Sources

One of the biggest and most meaningful changes that a person can do for the planet is switching to clean energy. The fossil fuels that nations continue to burn contribute to greenhouse gas emissions that warm the planet.

Although the U.S. still mostly relies on fossil fuels for energy, renewable energy sources are taking more and more of the chunk of the nation’s source of electricity. Moreover, the majority of Americans (77 percent, according to Pew Research Center) believe that the government should develop more alternative energy sources such as solar and wind that continue to rely on coal, oil, and other fossil fuels.

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Business of Saving the Planet

The renewable energy industry is rife with opportunities. Businesses can choose to either offer a product or a service that will contribute toward reducing the carbon footprint of a household.

It is a great time for entrepreneurs to enter the market. In 2019, solar industry revenue crossed $10 billion. By 2025, the market for solar power is expected to reach $22.9 billion.

With the growth of the industry, more jobs will be created. There will be demand for workers with relevant knowledge and skills. There will be more jobs for mechanical engineers who can design and install solar panels to houses or commercial buildings. Moreover, there will be a need for technicians to maintain and repair these solar panels, ensuring optimum efficiency throughout the years.

Analysts expect the growth of renewable energy to accelerate in 2021 as a new president enters the White House. The current administration not only rejoined the Paris Climate Accord, it is pouring trillions of dollars toward clean energy. President Joseph Biden is also aiming to lay out the grounds toward fully decarbonizing the power sector by 2035.

The top solar panel manufacturer in the U.S. is First Solar, a company based in Tempe, Arizona. It currently sits as the sixth largest solar panel manufacturer in the world. Meanwhile, the top solar panel installer across the nation is Sunrun, a company based in San Francisco, California.

Play for the Long-Term

There is a clear demand for clean energy around the world, but those who want to enter the market should not chase after profit. There is money in solar power, but make the mission all about building a sustainable future for the planet, not just to build financial wealth.

Instead of wanting to make big bucks immediately, establish a business that provides quality products and services. Strive to gain customers for life, those who will continue to support the business even when there are newer and bigger competitors. Although the cost of installation and maintenance of solar panels have decreased significantly over the past decade, it can still be costly for average households. Naturally, consumers want to be able to utilize their investments for as long as possible.

Moreover, despite the growing number of people who are becoming more conscious of their carbon footprint, there are still a lot who are not ready to convert to clean energy yet. Businesses will have to educate consumers about solar energy, the consequences of climate change, and what they can do to prevent environmental catastrophes in the future.

The need for people to switch to clean energy sources is urgent. Many households are already making major lifestyle changes, including investing in solar power, in order to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute toward a future where climate change is averted. It is up for entrepreneurs to provide products and services that can help make individuals and organizations live an environmentally- friendly lifestyle.

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