Building a Tech Company in South Bend? Don’t Forget the Plants!

Modern office with plants

If you are building a startup company in South Bend, then you are in luck. The city is no Silicon Valley yet. However, you should know that it is gearing up its engines toward that direction.

The city, which used to suffer from a population decline, is now turning into a tech hub. It converted an old plant into the Ignition Park. It is now the home of some of the state’s researchers and IT companies. The Redevelopment Commission is set to pour $2.7 million for the Technology Resource Center (TRC). This facility aims to improve collaboration among businesses, the government, and non-profit organizations. It has Zing, a fiber-optic network that provides fast and convenient Internet connectivity.

You need more than the fast Internet and a Google-like office to stay competitive and make employees happy. You also require the support of industrial landscaping services in South Bend. Landscapes and hardscapes can make demanding tech jobs much easier to bear.

How Stressful Is Tech?

All jobs can be stressful, but tech companies might be the worst places to work. In a PayScale survey, tech firms topped as the most stressful office environments in the United States.

Stress in tech firms is due to a variety of reasons. One of these is the high demand for attention to detail or focus. Spending long hours sitting and staring at computer screens can induce headaches and dizziness. It can increase the feelings of fatigue and burnout.

How Plants Can Reduce Employee Stress

Happy employees working in an office with plantsThese days, an increasing number of individuals are becoming plant people because they think that it is the perfect time to have some greens in their abode or office.

What many people love about plants is the life that they can bring into their homes. Plants or flowers produce much warmth and happiness, making you attached to the place. Some people also enjoy watching them grow and change over time. It is fascinating to see a young plant grow into adulthood.

Moreover owning plants has significant advantages that go beyond interior design. For example, the chief psychological benefit of owning plants is that you have something to care for. You can keep an eye on their development, making sure that they get enough water and sunlight. You can look at your plants and know that your love and care keeps them strong and healthy.

Adding plants can help decrease the levels of tech stress in many ways. Some plants can improve the quality of air. They can remove pollutants and compounds that can cause sick building syndrome (SBS). Plants can have therapeutic potential. They can provide quick relaxing breaks during the long working hours.

Some studies also showed how natural environments could promote attention restoration. A theory suggests that nature encourages soft or effortless fascination, which can further improve attention and focus.

In the end, tech jobs can be toxic, and they can affect the mental and physical health of employees. Fortunately, plants can help reduce the impact by increasing relaxation and improving air quality.

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