How to Be Truly Wealthy

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In a single day, you would see hundreds of advertisements or articles telling you how to grow your money; investments here, business opportunities there, saving tips here, side hustles there. We’re not one to dispute that these things would indeed make you richer, but the question is, would it make you wealthy?

Probably every dictionary in the world defines wealth as the money or assets you own. However, we’d like to go against the grain and suggest that there’s a deeper meaning to wealthiness. Being financially successful does not always mean, in all sense of the word, that you’re growing. Growth was never about bank accounts or green pieces of paper; it’s about development, and this article will teach you how to grow your wealth.

The Real Meaning of Being Wealthy

We could all agree that to be wealthy means to be successful, but in the pursuit of success, we need to first lay down its definition. We believe that encompassing the meaning of success in one phrase or sentence will prove to be futile. That’s why we’ve listed down the various things that will truly make you wealthy.

You Are Motivated

You can’t possibly chase success, or anything at all, without motivation. This is what drives us toward something of value. You will see thousands of people motivated toward getting rich, but the problem with that is money is a shallow motivation. You need something more valuable to drive you through the hardships of life. Growth, charity, and having the freedom to enjoy life’s best moments are the best motivators toward chasing success.

You Think About the Future


Someone who’s rich will think about the present and how to flaunt his/her riches. On the other hand, someone who’s wealthy will always think about the future. Is this worth it? Does it hold value? Will it be worth something more in the future? These are just some of the things that go through a wealthy person’s mind regularly. Additionally, being truly wealthy means you don’t just think about your future, but your family’s as well. In the event that you pass on, you want to make sure that everything you worked hard for will not go to waste, which means you could still provide for your family even after your death. That’s why it’s important that you know of an estate planning law firm that can help you distribute your assets to the people you will leave behind.

You’re Brave

Always remember this: you can’t be different by taking the same path and doing the same things that others did. Being wealthy means you don’t shy away from responsibilities, and you’re ready to do what others can’t. Success is a destination, which means you won’t be able to reach it if you’re always afraid to take a step forward. Courage is an essential part of growth, and going out of your comfort zone should always be part of your plan.

You’re Disciplined

Building upon what we’ve mentioned above, you can’t be wealthy just by being brave. Once you took that step forward, you must always have the resolve to keep on taking the next steps. That’s where discipline comes in. More often than not, we become prey to procrastination, and that’s your biggest hurdle from reaching the level of success you want. The antidote to this is to recognize habits that prevent you from doing what you’re supposed to do, and once you continuously leap forward, you’ll attract an avalanche of opportunities and victories that will keep on propelling you to your goals.

You’re Healthy

Old as the adage may be, it will always boil down to that one irrefutable fact: health is wealth. We need a vessel to achieve the things we want, and this vessel should be able to face the multiple hardships that will come along our way. All the things you want to achieve will not be within your reach if you’re not living a healthy lifestyle. That’s why as you keep on moving, make sure that you also pay attention to your health. This pertains not just to the physical aspect but to mental and emotional health as well. Take breaks if you need to, and keep on learning as much as you can. This is the key to overcome the challenges you will inevitably face.

True wealth is not about money. It never was. That’s because anything tangible will someday lose its value. It’s just a matter of time. Being truly wealthy means you can adapt to the passage of time itself and everything it brings with it.

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